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“It's one thing to be a strong progressive banjo player; another to excel at the traditional end of the spectrum. To be able to add an indelible mark to the whole history of the instrument is getting ridiculous. High kudos to Bill Evans.” —Tony Trischka

“One of the best banjo pickers on the planet.” —Mark Wittington, San Jose Mercury News, Jan. 2006



Germaine's Dream (mp3-3.67MB)

Meadows of Dan (mp3-1.29MB) Bill Evans, Fifth Child Music, BMI Bill Evans, Fifth Child Music, BMI

The first part of this tune reminded me of something that Sammy Shelor might play, so I named this tune after his hometown of Meadows of Dan, Virginia. The second part ventures into more Bela-like territory.

Lonesome Polka (mp3-.432MB) Bill Evans, Fifth Child Music, BMI

A minor key variation on The Clarinet Polka. Like that tune, this one is also a real finger buster!


Bill Evans Tells the History of the Banjo in 14 Minutes from fretboardjournal on Vimeo.

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