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"Prime Time" by Crary, Evans & Barnick

Native and Fine Records 906-12 (2020)

Dan Crary is a pioneer of flatpicking guitar solos in a bluegrass band, right up there with founding fathers Doc Watson, Clarence White and Norman Blake in carving a role for the flatpick guitar soloist in bluegrass music. A founding member of the Bluegrass Alliance, and the "newgrass" approach, his 20+ year collaboration with Byron Berline and John Hickman (as BCH and in the bands Sundance & California) earned him numerous awards and accolades. He's a living bluegrass legend!

Wally Barnick (bass & vocals) describes himself as "principally a singer who some 40 years ago took up playing bass guitar in order to ensure a place in the band." That strategy has definitely worked for this wonderful singer and instrumentalist, who is at home singing and playing everything from folk and bluegrass to Bakersfield country and even some rock and roll. Wally has performed with many familiar California Americana and bluegrass groups in these past four decades, including the Cache Valley Drifters, Bluegrass, Etc., and The Hay Dudes.

Dan, Wally and Bill started performing together in 2017, performing on stages from Kansas to Washington. In 2019, Dan celebrated his 80th birthday and Wally his 70th (Bill is the young whipper snapper in the band at 63). The trio's debut CD Prime Time is vibrant, new music celebrating these life milestones featuring their unique take on bluegrass, country, rock, gospel, Irish, and folk source material with special guest Kenny Blackwell on mandolin on six cuts. You'll hear some reimagined favorites from Joe Ely, Steve Young, Jimmy Martin, Ron Hynes and John Hiatt, experience two new Bill Evans banjo instrumentals, "Winston's Jig" and "Road to Ruidoso" and time travel back to 19th century for a stunning album-ending gospel medley. But that's not all! Dan introduces his flatpicked 12-string guitar on the bluegrass instrumental "Crazy Creek" and Wally takes center stage with his warm country-tinged lead vocals on four cuts.

20/20 Vision & Clinch Mountain Backstep (Medley) / All Just To Get To You / I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers / Crazy Creek / Sonny's Dream / Rattlin' Roarin' Willie & Winston's Jig (Medley) / Seven Bridges Road / Memphis In The Meantime / Road to Ruidoso / I'm On My Journey Home, Ecstasy, Heaven's Light Is Shining & We Shall Rise (Medley)


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Fletcher Bright and Bill Evans with special guests Norman & Nancy Blake - Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us

Native and Fine Records 906-11 (2016)
Fletcher Bright and Bill Evans with special guests Norman &Nancy Blake -- Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us
Songs That Are Mostly Older Than Us is Fletcher Bright and Bill Evans' follow-up to Fine Times At Fletcher's House. For this release, they add Norman & Nancy Blake on guitar and cello for ten of this project's sixteen tunes. Recorded live in Fletcher's living room atop Lookout Mountain, Tennessee over three days in July 2015, selections include both well-known and more obscure traditional tunes along with more recent compositions from Norman Blake ("Blake's March), Bill Evans ("Berkeley Shanghai"), Sam Bush ("Norman and Nancy"), Bill Monroe ("Old Ebenezer Scrooge") and Peter Ostroushko ("Heart of the Heartland"). George Bright joins Fletcher and Bill on guitar for "Glory in the Meetinghouse."

"About 60 years ago I played with teenager Norman Blake in a band, The Dixie Land Drifters. Norman on Dobro, Cecil Powell on mandolin, Charlie Evans on bass, Hal Culpepper on guitar, and Fletcher Bright on fiddle. Over the years Norman, Nancy and I would occasionally cross paths and play music together. Bill Evans and I determined that having produced our first fiddle/banjo CD (Fine Times at Fletcher's House), we would do yet another -- perhaps demonstrating hope over experience. Bill asked if I knew Norman and Nancy and would they be willing to join us with the CD. I called Norman and this CD was born. We have had fun exploring old tunes and playing together. We think this may be evident to you when you listen to this CD. We hope you enjoy the music as much as we did making it happen."
- Fletcher Bright, from the CD liner notes.

"The performance is straightforward, unvarnished, polished with years of attention to the twists and turns of the individual melodies, allowing the particularities of each tune to shine through like the grain on a well-used old wooden rocking chair. It's a joy to hear these friends playing together. I feel like I'm right there with them, sitting in that chair, privileged to hear these tunes played by their keepers."
- Laurie Lewis, from the CD liner notes.

Nancy and Norman Blake, Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans, July 2015
Nancy and Norman Blake, Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans, July 2015. Photo by Bobby Burns.
Click photo for larger image
Recording in Fletcher's Lookout Mountain, Tennessee home.
Recording in Fletcher's Lookout Mountain, Tennessee home in July 2015. Photo by Bobby Burns.
Click photo for larger image

Glory in the Meetinghouse / Blake's March / Berkeley Shanghai / Elzic's Farewell / Sugar Tree Stomp / Norman and Nancy / Hannah in the Springhouse / Snowbird in the Ash Bank / Kennedy Rag / Bb Hornpipe Medley / Old Ebenezer Scrooge / Cluck Old Hen / Heart of the Heartland / Brilliancy / American Rifle Team Hornpipe / Whiskey Before Breakfast

Hannah in the Springhouse (mp3-2.5MB) - full track

fiddle and banjo duet with Fletcher & Bill

Kennedy Rag (mp3-2.1MB) - sample

Fletcher Bright (fiddle) & Norman Blake (guitar) duet

Norman and Nancy (mp3-1.7MB) - sample

(Fletcher Bright (fiddle), Bill Evans (banjo), Norman Blake (guitar) & Nancy Blake (cello)

Snowbird in the Ash Bank (mp3-1.5MB) - sample

Fletcher Bright (fiddle), Norman Blake (guitar) & Nancy Blake (cello)


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Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways - SFW40209

Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways - SFW40209A new CD featuring 30 tracks of banjo artistry from Tony Trischka & Bill Evans, Pete Seeger, Doc Watson, Mike Seeger, Elizabeth Cotton, Dock Boggs, Mick Moloney, Bill Keith and many others with a 44-page booklet with extensive notes and photos. 64 minutes of classic banjo music from the Folkways collection.

Medley: Fly Around My Blue-Eyed Girl, Cripple Creek,Ida Red,Old Joe Clark by Pete Seeger / Banging Breakdown by Hobart Smith / Johnson Boys by Frank Profitt / Peachbottom Creek by Wade Ward / Coo Coo by Dink Roberts / Josh Thomas's Roustabout by Mike Seeger / Jaw Bone by Willie Chapman / Bright Sunny South by Dock Boggs / Coal Creek March by Pete Steele / Mississippi Heavy Water Blues by Josh Thomas / Walk Light Ladies by Rufus Crisp / Buck Creek Girls by Bill Cornett / Gut Bucket Blues by Don Vappie and the Creole Jazz Serenaders / Medley: Skylark and Roaring Mary by Mick Moloney / Medley: St. Anne's Reel, La Renfluse Corbeil by Ken Perlman / Smokey Mokes by Roger Sprung / Golden Bell Polka by A. L. Camp / Banjoland by Tony Trischka with Bill Evans / Sally Ann by Snuffy Jenkins / Lonesome Road Blues by Roni Stoneman / Fox Chase by Lee Sexton / Hop Along Lou by John Tyree / Cotton Eyed Joe by "Big Sweet" Lewis Hairston / Foggy Mountain Top by Ola Belle Reed / Rambling Hobo by Doc Watson / Old Rattler by John Snipes / Georgia Buck by Elizabeth Cotton / I Wish to the Lord I'd Never Been Born by Irvin Cook / Black Eye Susie by Roscoe Holcomb / Bluegrass Breakdown by Bill Keith with Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys.


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Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans - Fine Times at Fletcher's House

Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans - Fine Times At Fletcher's House

Native and Fine Records 906-10

Fine Times at Fetchers's House CD


Yellow Barber (full track) (mp3-2.4MB)

Fine Times at Fletcher's House: Fiddle and Banjo Music From Lookout Mountain, Tennessee brings together 81- year old Tennessee fiddling legend Fletcher Bright and Bill Evans in sixteen fiddle and banjo duet performances. Selections include familiar favorites (St. Anne's Reel, Angeline The Baker & Soldier's Joy), tunes associated with Earl Scruggs and Benny Martin (Two O'Clock), Bill Monroe compositions (Northern White Clouds, White Horse Breakdown), lesser known old-time tunes (Greasy Coat), tunes learned from good friend John Hartford (Blackjack Grove) and more recently composed tunes from Tom Anderson (Da Slokit Light), Blaine Sprouse (Blue Ridge Reel) June Drucker (Going Back To Israel).

Bill and Fletcher All of the selections from Fine Times At Fletcher's House were recorded live without overdubs at Fletcher's home on top of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee.

"The joy that Bill and Fletcher obviously felt in working with each other comes through in every tune on this project. Their timing together is precise, their collective tone is solid, and their taste, impeccable. A happy, satisfying musical experience for all, both players and listeners." Murphy Henry, from the CD liner notes.

Yellow Barber / Two O'Clock / Polly Put The Kettle On / Scott No. 2 / Blackjack Grove / Whitehorse Breakdown / Da Slokit Light / Daley's Reel / Northern White Clouds / Blue Ridge Reel / Greasy Coat / Fiddler's Dream / Abe's Retreat & Fine Times At Our House / Liverpool Hornpipe / Going Back to Israel / St. Anne's Reel, Angeline the Baker & Soldier's Joy

Polly Put The Kettle On (sample) (mp3-1.2MB)

Da Slokit Light (sample) (mp3-1.2MB)

Whitehorse Breakdown (sample) (mp3-850K)


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Bill Evans - In Good Company

Bill Evans - In Good Company
Native and Fine Records 906-9

In Good Company spotlights an all star cast of 26 musicians performing five new Evans instrumentals, a four song, ten-minute Beatles medley and songs pairing Bill with The Infamous Stringdusters (performing John Martyn's Walk to the Water), Joy Kills Sorrow (performing Sarah Siskind's On and On) and Tim O'Brien (performing Follow the Drinking Gourd). In Good Company is Bill's most accomplished and wide-ranging project to date. Includes collector's poster featuring shots from the IGC sessions!

With The Infamous Stringdusters, Tim O'Brien, Joy Kills Sorrow, Darol Anger, Cindy Browne Rosefield, Tashina & Tristan Clarridge, Stuart Duncan, Corey Evans, Matt Flinner, David Grier, Rob Ickes, Dominic Leslie, Laurie Lewis, Ned Luberecki, Mike Marshall, Todd Phillips and Missy Raines. Produced by Bill Evans, Stephen Mougin, Darol Anger & Tom Size. in-good-company-btn-home

The Distance Between Two Points / Walk To The Water (w/The Infamous Stringdusters) / Some Other Creek / Follow the Drinking Gourd (w/Tim O'Brien) / Big Chief Sonny / Dakota / On & On (w/Joy Kills Sorrow) / Mother Nature's Son / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away / Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds / A Hard Day's Night / They Say You're Never Lonely In Louisville


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Bill Evans Plays Banjo

Bill Evans Plays BanjoNative and Fine Records 906-3

Petersburg Gal / Germaine's Dream / Kobe Blues / Meadows of Dan / Corey's Slide / Catching the Dickens / New Black Eyed Suzie / Raising the Beams / When She Smiles / Leaving Owensboro / Lonesome Polka / Granite Chief / Heavy Traffic Ahead

With Rob Ickes (dobro), John Reischman (mandolin), Darol Anger and Greg Spatz (fiddle), Jim Nunally and Nina Gerber (guitar), Missy Raines and Todd Phillips (bass) and Steve Smith (mandola). On "Heavy Traffic Ahead," Don Rigsby (vocal), Glen Duncan (fiddle), Mike Compton (mandolin), Chris Sharp (guitar) and Mike Bub (bass).

• Named "2001 Top 10 Bluegrass CD of the Year" by David Royko, The Chicago Tribune
• Named "Top 5 Instrumental Recording of the Year" by Dave Freeman, County Sales Newsletter


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Native and Fine

Native and Fine (Rounder 0295)

Fling Ding/Native and Fine/Goodbye Liza Jane/Wondrous Love/Scotland Yard/Choking the Strings/Clarinet Polka/Omie Wise/Jump Jesse/Saalo's Joy/Chicken Pox/Midnight in Rosine

With Stuart Duncan and Jason Carter (fiddle), David Grier (guitar), Mike Compton (mandolin), Missy Raines (bass), Suzanne Thomas (vocals), and Ron Thomason (mandolin and vocals).

Bill's debut bluegrass banjo CD on Rounder features five original tracks along with favorites from Ralph Stanley and Don Reno. Also included are two banjo/vocal duets with Suzanne Thomas ("Wondrous Love") and Ron Thomason ("Omie Wise").

Here's what the critics have said about Native and Fine:

Honorable Mention 1996 "Acoustic Instrumental Recording of the Year" Association for Independent Music

"Editor's Choice for 1995' (Banjo Newsletter, January 1996)

"Bill Evans, which is no surprise, but the melodic quality of his original compositions may be to those unfamilar with Evans the solo artist. As impressive as he is on numbers like Ralph Stanley's 'Fling Ding,' it is on his own tunes that Evans is at his transcendent best, blending tradition with a distinctive sound that only covertly suggests newgrass." (David Royko, Chicago Tribune, June 1996)


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Old As Dirt

Old As Dirt (Native and Fine Records 906-4)

Jack of Diamonds / Poor Ellen Smith / On a Monday / Polly Put the Kettle On / A Lazy Farmer Boy / May You Never Be Alone / Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy / You Don't Know My Mind / Sally in the Turnip Patch / Girl on the Greenbrier Shore / Burn Another Honky Tonk Down / Petersburg Gal / You've Got to Righten That Wrong

Bill Evans (Banjo), Alan Senauke (Guitar), Eric Thompson (Mandolin), Suzy Thompson (Fiddle), Larry Cohea (Bass)


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